Pride Committee

This committee works to show the value of our school system and public education. It can sponsor events, order materials from NJEA to promote our schools. It also organizes our involvement in the Mall Project.

Scholarship Committee

This committee meets primarily in the spring. It works with Morris Hills to sponsor, evaluate, and award a scholarship to a high school senior.

Philanthropic Committee

This committee meets as needed throughout the school year to decide on what monies should be given out for various events. It has a newly developed constitution also.

Teacher /ESP for a Day

This committee will start to meet in January to plan for a Teacher for a Day that will be held in March.

Social Committee

This committee’s purpose is to plan informal get-togethers and a few more structured events for our association. The main purpose is to create more unity for our association.

Retirement Committee

This is a standing committee that will organize when needed. They will then open the committee to more people as needed.

School Budget Election Committee

This committee would meet in March and April to work on passing the school budget.

Negotiations Committee

This committee will begin meeting sometime in January to begin preparing for the negotiations process. Committee meets until negotiations are completed.

Action Committee

This committee is in conjunction with negotiations. Occasionally, job actions are needed during the collective bargaining process. To be proactive, we will form the committee now, with the hope that none are needed.

Insurance Committee

This is a new committee which we hope to fill with a few members that are willing to be educated in and become familiar with all of the new insurance information so that, in turn, they can educate our members.