Executive Board Descriptions

President or Co-President

a)         Preside over all meetings of the Executive Board and general membership.

b)         Appoint the chairperson and members of all standing committees and special committees with the approval of the Executive Board not otherwise provided for in the constitution and bylaws.

c)         Be ex-officio a member of all committees except nominating committee

d)         With the treasurer, sign all orders drawn upon the treasury for which a voucher has been submitted.

e)         Represent the Association before the public either personally or through a designated representative.

f)          Perform all other functions usually attributed to the office.

g)         Be responsible to see that all requirements of each job description are fulfilled.

h)         Must have served at least two years on the Executive Board.



a)         Assume all duties of the President in his or her absence and work closely with one or more standing committees as the President may suggest.

b)         Become President if the presidency becomes vacant as provided for in Article 5, Section 3.

c)           Will serve as chairperson of the Professional Development Committee.


Corresponding Secretary

a)         Attend to all correspondence of the Association including all official communications for the Association and Executive Board.

b)         Send out notices of all meetings.

c).      Be the administrator of the RBEA web site.


Recording Secretary

a)         Keep accurate minutes of all the Executive Board and general membership meetings.

b)         Shall maintain the official files to include a list of all members, a list of all committees and members, a copy of the constitution and bylaws, a copy of the current contract.

c)         Distribute minutes to all members within ten days following Executive Board and general membership meetings.

d)         Distribute copies of all proposed amendments to the constitution.



a)         Deposit all Association monies in a bank, in the name of the Association.

b)         Notify NJEA of name of bank in which Association dues are deposited.

c)         Hold the funds of the Association and disburse them accordingly upon submission of vouchers approved by the President.

d)         Sign all checks along with the President.

e)         Report at each meeting of the Executive Board and general membership

f)          Prepare an annual financial statement that shall be distributed to all members.

g)         File the appropriate Federal and State forms.

h)         Shall annually prepare a budget upon the approval of the Executive Board and shall present the budget for adoption by a majority vote of the members no later than April.

i)          Shall assist the new treasurer, upon request, in planning the new budget.

j)          Be bonded for such amount as may be determined by the Executive Board from time to time.


Building Representative

a)         Liaison between general membership and Executive Board.

b)         Survey the general membership as requested by the Executive Board.

c)         Shall be co-chairs of the Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee. (Grievance).